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Analysis of school furniture purchase in the first quarter of 2017
May 13, 2017

Analysis of school furniture purchase in the first quarter of 2017

According to the nationwide data monitoring of the education equipment purchasing network (, the data about the government procurement of the school logistics were analyzed in the first quarter of 2017.

View from demand users


School furniture procurement project Q1 involving nearly 1200, procurement mainly includes logistics furniture, laboratory furniture, library furniture three categories, among them, the most big logistics furniture always occupy the school furniture of government procurement. From the time point of view, the Lunar New Year holiday in February this year is the main reason for the reduction in the number of purchases.


Apartment furniture and office furniture, etc., and this "comprehensive change thin" work is inseparable. "Comprehensive change thin" 20 bottom line put forward to ensure that students 1 people, 1 tables, 1 chairs (stool), boarding students 1 beds per person, eliminate "chase shop" phenomenon and other requirements, to a large extent, pulling the procurement of logistics furniture. In addition, with the deepening of the concept of creative education and the construction of subject and professional classrooms, basic education, schools, classrooms and furniture will tend to be diversified and customized.

Furniture Q1 higher education institutions recruit the number 396, after Beijing, ranked second. Apart from the logistics furniture, the number of government procurement projects in laboratories, library furniture of higher education was higher than that of basic education schools. The reason is not difficult to understand, different from the university library, higher education institutions, libraries and laboratory functions, and higher requirements for hardware equipment. At the same time, the "double class" development strategy of colleges and universities brings new opportunities for university laboratories and libraries.

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "compulsory education of primary school science curriculum standards", pointed out that the school must establish a scientific laboratory and instrument room, to a certain extent on the demand of laboratory equipment, the primary and secondary markets. In March, data from the point of view, the demand for furniture procurement's field laboratory increased.


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