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Children's furniture shopping methods
May 13, 2017

Children's furniture shopping methods

Children's furniture can be purchased in a free combination of ways: according to the study, bedroom space, environmental atmosphere and the use of functional needs, flexible arrangements, clever combination of ideal personality space. Color, mostly lively, lively, natural and interchangeable with styles, give children more free choice, and cultivate their aesthetic taste.


Wood furniture sold in the market, in addition to all solid wood furniture, most of them have man-made board parts. Therefore, in some special highlights smell. If the flow of tears and sneezing, indicating that the formaldehyde emission of furniture is relatively high, there may be problems, do not buy.

Look at the report

The consumer requests the quality inspection report from the dealer to see if the formaldehyde emission of the furniture is within the standard allowable range. The national standard "interior decoration decoration materials wood furniture limit of harmful substances" provisions, formaldehyde emissions shall not exceed 1.5 mg per litre of wood furniture, such as the purchase of wooden furniture formaldehyde exceed the standard not to buy, recommend to E1 standard plate production of furniture, only reached E1 standard plate was really harmless to the human body.

Select less adhesive, furniture, furniture materials, environmental protection from low to high, respectively, MDF, particleboard, large core board, plywood, laminated wood, integrated wood, solid wood.

Choose to avoid the color too bright coloured furniture because most bright paint containing lead and other heavy metals. Tests show that in 23 samples of lead paint, orange paint contains the highest amount of lead, followed by yellow, green, brown and so on. At 1 meters from the ground, the concentration of lead in the air is 16 times that of 1.5 meters, while the height of children is within this range, [2].

Asking price

Formaldehyde exceeds the standard wooden furniture, mostly use cheap artificial board, therefore the whole set of wooden furniture price is often "super low"". Due to the cheap use of artificial board of bad glue, formaldehyde emission was seriously exceeded.

Sign a contract

Customers in the purchase of furniture, it is best to sign "furniture purchase and sale contract", and environmental protection terms into the contract.

In the purchase of furniture for children, the first to test whether the report examined the furniture is simple or plate detection, including paint detection, at the time of signing a contract for the sale to ensure environmental protection to write clearly, if the merchant refused to sign the guarantee, it is best not to buy.

Secondly, the best choice of adhesive less furniture, formaldehyde content is relatively low. Environmental protection level from low to high arrangement are: MDF, particleboard, large core board, plywood, laminated wood, integrated wood, solid wood.

Third, do not believe "zero formaldehyde" rhetoric, regardless of whether the furniture produced, it is impossible "zero formaldehyde."". Therefore, do not think that they buy zero formaldehyde furniture, and that Everything will be fine. air quality testing, ignore the problem. Health is always the first.

Draw a bill

There are a lot of consumers in the dealer price under the temptation, took the IOUs, receipt went, without quality problem to complain, the informal invoice is often difficult as effective evidence, so buy furniture dealers must issue a formal invoice.

Listen to your child's own opinions

Children's room is fitted out to the children themselves, do not think that children do not understand what is the cool. Therefore, we must communicate more with children, listen to their ideas and opinions, so that the house will be matched with the children like, is the most suitable for them. Finally, the current market, many children furniture, styles and materials dazzling, dazzling, I do not know how to start. In determining the purchase of children's furniture, we must see more, compare, look at the material will not be deceived. Shopping guide's words can only serve as a reference, everything should have practical data as a basis and reference. Only in this way can we buy safe and suitable children's furniture and give the child a free and healthy environment for growth.


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