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A Brief Introduction Of Library Furniture And The Tips Of Buying
Aug 02, 2017

    Library collections and the provision of services require a variety of traditional and modern furniture and equipment. The traditional furniture mainly includes bookshelves, reading tables and chairs, catalogue cabinets, cashier tables, office furniture and so on, the requirements are: economic application, sturdiness and durability, beautiful and comfortable, easy to repair, easy to move. Library Furniture Modern furniture is mainly a variety of automation and modern equipment, such as document automation transmission equipment, document circulation anti-theft devices, computers and ancillary equipment, photocopying equipment, microfilm and audio-visual products storage, reproduction and use of equipment, linked to library automation systems or network of various communications equipment.Library Furniture
   General stacks of steel racks, open shelves for aesthetic and wood frame, more high-quality wood. Considering the height of the human body, book size and shelf load factors such as shelves to be able to adjust the mid-range. Shelves in open shelves are slightly shorter than ordinary bookshelves, making it easy for medium-stature readers to take books from the top. Periodicals and current display shelves used in some libraries are often kept in the same year. For the storage of non book materials, the library is generally designed with cabinets or racks. The dense shelves of the shelf stacks are generally the shelves on a certain track or in the rack can be rolling wheels, so as not to use the most commonly used literature material storage, save space. Large-capacity dense library with electric way to move shelves, small or only a part of the ground of the secret frame is manual, more secure.Library Furniture
   Purchase tips: 1, pay attention to the shelf size. Books are heavier, so the demand for shelf-size is high. In particular, the intermediate transverse plate requires strong, vertical support force is also stronger, so that the overall durability. 2, pay attention to the external size of the bookshelf for ordinary consumers, the choice of school furniture for their own books and the future to purchase books to determine the style of bookshelf. Library FurnitureIf the book is more than 32 format, then there is no need to choose that layer height and thickness of the book designed for large 16 books shelves, so as not to waste valuable space. 3, bookcase style and style, study furniture purchase also need to pay attention to the overall style of collocation, bookshelf style and style should be consistent with the study of the wind, so as to create a comfortable and beautiful study.Library Furniture