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Analysis On The Present Situation Of Dormitory Furniture
Sep 01, 2017

     Now in primary and secondary schools, the number of students hunchback phenomenon is more and more, the phenomenon is more and more obvious, and about 40 of the country's primary and secondary students have entered the ranks of myopia, which indicates that now we are faced with a huge challenge-how to reduce the problem of humpback students.Dormitory Furniture

     In fact, the students ' sitting posture is the main cause of the students ' hunchback and myopia, and the improvement of the students ' hunchback problem can effectively reduce the appearance of the students ' hunchback phenomenon. The appropriateness of students ' desks and chairs is proportional to the number of students ' hunchback.Dormitory Furniture

     The largest use of desks and chairs in addition to providing students with a reading and writing platform, the more important is to correct the posture of children, to prevent the appearance of bad posture of children. But at present many school's condition is the student's body is long, but the class desk and chair does not change the condition for ten years, finally causes the student class chair height and the student's body height is uncoordinated. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable set of students ' lifting class tables and chairs. The right student desks and chairs can reduce the students ' hunchback is not groundless, but also hope to arouse the attention of schools, parents and other sectors.Dormitory Furniture

    From the foundation of education, the students ' desks and chairs are an indispensable thing in educational equipment, safety students ' desks and chairs, the healthy growth and development of talents, and the development of education. Dormitory Furniture

    In the selection of desks and chairs must pay attention to the quality of their products, this not only refers to the desks and chairs can be used for many years and how it works, and more importantly, to avoid the choice of some toxic materials of school furniture, the most typical example is now a lot of students and chairs will be used to paint And the paint has just been brush good for the student's body is very harmful, whether it is the individual or student desks and chairs manufacturers should avoid such problems.Dormitory Furniture