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Children's Room Should Have What Function?Moonshow Children's Furniture To Tell You!
Jan 18, 2017

Must be the top priority of the parents of children room decoration and furniture, really suitable for children living room should not only fashion, but also environmental health, can let the children grow up healthy and happy. Children room area is small, but it is for children to learn the living space, so in the decoration of the time to take more time. So, what are the functions of children's room decoration? What need to pay attention to it?



When more like children's furniture in the furniture design, has always followed the best experience to the child Home Furnishing concept from sleep, learning, playing and storage four area design creation. Here to remind parents, in the design of children's room, even small room must be designed in the corresponding region of space.

Decoration design, we should give full consideration to the characteristics of children, pay attention to the following issues:

First, security

Refers to indoor furniture and other items will not cause harm to children. The furniture size should not be too large, the corner should be rounded to prevent injuries of children. Common furniture has a bed, bedside cabinets, desks, chairs, small wardrobe etc.. The bed can be designed into a single layer, also can design the high bed, with a small staircase on both sides of the bed, high to guard, to prevent it from falling down from the bed, the other side of the bed by the wall.

Two, environmental protection

Indoor air pollution, radiation pollution and light pollution, noise pollution. In order to give the child the environmental health of the room, and not the use of green materials, will inevitably be green decoration, because of decoration, is a process of superposition processing, use, portfolio, decoration materials, in this process, brought together a variety of materials, the situation may change. The release of harmful substances, but also closely related to changes in temperature and humidity. Therefore, in order to have a green children room, must strictly sing the "four steps": green building materials, green construction, detection and control.



Three, comfortable

Comfortable range is wide, including the first two, also is not only these two aspects, including room and furniture color and furniture, texture, shape, room size and light etc..

Four, wall

Metope with environmental friendly fabric wallpaper as a decoration is better, not afraid of pictures, and easy to clean.

Five, the ground

The best choice of the ground floor or green carpet, these materials natural environment, with soft, warm characteristics suitable for children to play, learning to climb. But note that the carpet must be kept clean; cleaning every day, if the child's age is relatively large, requires the use of ground Kangmo durable materials, composite wood floors generally more commonly used because it avoids the problem of formaldehyde composite floor, but more than solid floors Pishi, more durable, good cleaning.


Six, lamps and lanterns

The lights in the room should be different according to the location. To light lamps, wall lamp lamp should be soft, not dazzling. The best use of the small lamp lamp, angle can be arbitrary transfer is conducive to lighting, but also conducive to the protection of children's eyes.

Seven, wallpaper

The best selection of colors, playful wallpaper decoration children's room wall, it can not only stimulate the children's visual nerve, make children form complex, colorful, visual graphics depth of interest, they will promote brain development.

Eight, sufficient storage space

The children's growth rate is relatively fast, each period of leave to the toys and other debris and more, which requires children room furniture especially should be concise, it is best to function, combined. For example, now is a small box step many bunk beds on the market. The reasonable clever use of interior space.


Nine, set a fixed graffiti

Children love freely on the wall and the desktop blank place by parents can give guidance. Hang a whiteboard on the wall, let the children know a fixed place for their writing and drawing, so not only to the overall layout Home Furnishing is an ornament, and the children often make a powerful and unconstrained style creative room "color" a lot.

Ten, pay attention to ventilation

In general children's room space is smaller, more often need ventilation, the polluted air is discharged timely, keep indoor air fresh, can reduce the content of harmful substances.

Eleven, the use of children's vision products

Most of the children's room layout is a reflection of the love of parents, they are not the same with the children's eye. Now many young parents love weird animal motifs Home Furnishing products, but children will cause irritability of discomposure, these things feel. Beautiful princess, simple flowers in adults may seem cheesy, but it can correctly guide the children's aesthetic and mental development.



Twelve, children's room should not put flowers

The children of flowers especially some pollen allergy ratio significantly higher than adults; some flowers and stems, leaves and flowers contain toxins, should not be placed in the children's room to avoid being eaten.

Thirteen, clean up

After the completion of the children's room decoration work, should clean up the room environment, to give children a safe and comfortable space.