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Design Of Dormitory Furniture For College Students
Jul 23, 2017

                 The layout of the existing dormitory furniture in our country has the following three categories: High-Low bed and a public learning table, this is the most traditional university dormitory, the high and low bed and the independent combination study table, this kind of situation is more common in the Northern Colleges and universities, generally is the six person sets the dormitory, three high and low bed and six independent combination study table; New modular furniture, commonly known as the next table. In these three kinds of dormitory, the last kind of space utilization is the highest, also is the accommodation environment which many students yearn for. But these kinds of dormitory furniture common existence dormitory layout unreasonable, lacks to receive the reorganization as well as does not consider the student intercourse and so on the question. Through investigation and analysis, we can find that students have the function and psychological double demand for the dormitory.

                 The requirement of dormitory function is to meet the basic needs of the dormitory, which is mainly aimed at the function of the dormitory as a place for students ' accommodation, rest and study.Dormitory Furniture

                 Sleep rest demand is the most important function of students ' dormitory, and also the basic function of dormitory. College students are at the end of puberty and the development of their bodies continues, requiring 8 hours or more rest every day. Need a quiet, intimate sleep environment, as far as possible to avoid disturbing the outside world, and the bedroom is the provision of the environment.Dormitory Furniture

                According to the survey, many students have the habit and desire to study and read in the dormitory. There are four main reasons for this: first, with the expansion of school enrollment, many colleges and universities have a certain degree of resources shortage. The construction of self-study room is more prominent in this aspect. Especially on the eve of the major exams, the self-study room is particularly tense. Plus a lot of students have the habit of seating, resulting in a waste of resources, but not the students in the seat in the process of finding a seat is always a struggle. Second, many students have the habit of keeping diaries in front of bedtime, while in the self-study room can not meet the needs of students. Third, many colleges and universities in order to manage conveniently, the self-study room set in the teaching area, so that some students far away from the teaching area need to spend more time on the road. Especially in the winter cold season, the night back to the dormitory becomes more difficult, causing some students to bother to go. Four is some professional work needs to prepare the material more, carry inconvenient, the student chooses in the dormitory completes the work.Dormitory Furniture