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Dinning Hall Furniture Innovation And Purchasing Skills
Aug 02, 2017

     The spirit of Craftsman "abide by and lack, in the Chinese furniture market shows a distinct" bipolar "phenomenon, some brands with original design, exclusive technology, fine carving, precision service, the harvest of convention-win" money "; some enterprises catch waves, copy imitation, opportunistic," after "... It is understood that the "bipolar" phenomenon of restaurant furniture manufacturers has complex subjective and objective factors and background, but the "craftsman spirit" of the cognition and deviation, is the fundamental success or failure of the cause.Dinning Hall Furniture
    In the market downturn, how Chinese furniture manufacturing industry to respond to the government's call, recognition and inheritance of good "craftsman Spirit", has reached a great need to cause the industry to pay high attention and thinking, practice the time. The "Craftsman Spirit" is heavily in practice. Many furniture enterprise "failure" lies in the Craftsman has no ideal, the product has no soul, the quality is not guaranteed, the competition has no advantage, the service has no prestige, the market has no status. Therefore, furniture enterprises in particular need to "craftsman spirit" through the whole process of production, so that the product "unique" personality, proudly forward.Dinning Hall Furniture
    In material selection, to be original. such as solid wood furniture, material selection to reflect the highest state of wood culture, maintain a pure ecological nature of the log natural, refined "wood grain expression" seamless plate, to the most authentic, the most natural wood color, witness the vicissitudes of its logs and brilliant, showing the nature of the trees and the charm of beauty, to the real visual enjoyment, to feel the precious wood resources.
    In the design, to be independent of the special line. With the design of "alone", the meaning of extraordinary, visual beauty to enjoy and the pleasure of the senses, in meeting the practical function, the embodiment of the brand's connotation culture, the hope and the pursuit. In the manufacture, must be unique stunt. Product production should be rigorous and delicate, fine carving, as far as possible, to form the exclusive characteristics of "WU door knowledge." Adhering to the hand-made craft, its senior craftsmen of superior skills, carved flowers and plants lifelike, so that furniture doubled elegant noble temperament, product reputation market, can not copy imitation.Dinning Hall Furniture
    The advantages and disadvantages of marble table: No deformation, high hardness, strong abrasion resistance 2, no fear of acid, alkali corrosion, will not rust, no need to apply oil, no easy sticky micro-dust, protection, easy to manage, the use of a long time 3, will not emerge scratches, not under the temperature environment control, at room temperature can also maintain its original physical properties 4, not affected by moisture, three-dimensional said fixed. Marble Table Disadvantages: Marble table, we need to review his appearance quality, marble determination has shortcomings, mainly to see you will not choose to better. Marble is a natural composition, there is a drawback is certain, and is being processed, processing facilities and the advantages and disadvantages of the instrument also indirectly reflect the quality of marble. Moreover, for the marble stripes, marble has an expensive place is that his stripes hued colorful. However, if you want to have a better decorative effect, or to buy tonal consistent, small color, this will look better, more harmonious, but the price is very high. Sometimes, the price is the same, but the quality of the different is also a lot, this is the marble table cost-effective problem. The gloss of the marble surface is also not to be negligent, if can be like mirror of gloss, such adornment effect is also very good.Dinning Hall Furniture