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Dinning Hall Furniture Purchase Style And Collocation
Jun 28, 2017

   Dining room Furniture The equipment used in human daily life and social activities has the functions of sitting, leaning, eating, etc. A plurality of parts are usually assembled in a certain joint manner. The dining room furniture mainly includes the following categories: table, dining chair, card seat, sofa, bar stool, bar table, turntable, dining cabinet, wine cabinet, Beibei chair, garbage cabinet and so on. Outdoor restaurant furniture, restaurant furniture According to industry classification can be divided into: Chinese restaurant furniture, western restaurants furniture, café furniture, tea house furniture, snack bar furniture, restaurant table chairs and so on.Dinning Hall Furniture
    A restaurant is a place for people to eat and pay special attention to their decoration. Dining room furniture from the style of color texture and other aspects to be particularly carefully selected. Because the comfort of the dining room furniture has a great relationship with our appetite.
    1. Dining room furniture Style: The most commonly used is square or round table, in recent years, long round table is also more prevalent. The structure of the dining chair is simple and it is best to use folding. BEIJING and June letter furniture recommended that you especially in the case of small space, folding up unused table chairs, can effectively save space. Otherwise, too big table will make the dining room appear crowded. As a result, some folding tables are favored. The style and color of the dining chair should be in harmony with the dining table and be consistent with the whole restaurant. 2. The dining room furniture must pay attention to the style processing. The natural texture of the log table Chair, full of natural simplicity of the atmosphere; metal plating with leather or textile steel pipe furniture, elegant lines, with a sense of the times, highlighting the performance of texture contrast effect; high-grade dark hard bag inlaid furniture, appears elegant style, deep spirit, rich Han rich oriental appeal. In the dining room furniture arrangement, avoid patchwork, lest let a person appear messy and not system. 3. Also should be equipped with catering cabinets, that is, to store some tableware, supplies (such as wine glasses, cover, etc.), wine, beverages, napkins and other auxiliary supplies furniture. You may also consider setting up temporary food utensils such as pot, beverage cans, etc.Dinning Hall Furniture
   The limited size of a small family, you can make a table for a variety of roles, such as can be used as a desk, but also as a recreational entertainment mahjong table. In families where there is no independent restaurant, the first thing to consider is whether the table meets all the members of the family. It's not easy to pack it up. Therefore, the current market on the folding table is more suitable for selection. Second, according to the overall style of the bedroom to choose. If the room is luxurious decoration, then the table should choose the corresponding style, such as the classical style of European styles, if the room style emphasizes concise, you can consider buying a glass table simple and generous style. BEIJING and June letter furniture suggest you don't have to lose your old table, in today's natural style of the trend, if you have a of the old wooden table, you can move it into a new home, as long as the above a piece of color and decoration in harmony with the tablecloth, but also another elegant.Dinning Hall Furniture