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Dinning Hall Furniture Reaction Facts
Nov 01, 2017

Public furniture: Refers to the special occasions, such as parks, stations, cinemas, auditorium, car train and other means of transport, such furniture to plastic, stone, glass fiber reinforced plastic and metal, very few wood. Commercial furniture: Mainly refers to supermarkets, shops, gas stations, service stations and other display cabinets, cashier, shelves, display cabinets and so on. Disassembly furniture: In MDF and melamine as the main material, with a variety of hardware and wood plug in the customer's home installation connection.Dinning Hall Furniture 

This kind of furniture packing and transportation is more convenient.Dinning Hall Furniture

European furniture: Similar to the imperial style of ancient Europe, this kind of furniture technology complex, expensive, mostly sculpture. Modern classical Furniture (Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture): Slightly more complex than the modern plate process, it looks close to the style of hundreds of years ago, with a clear Chinese style. Plate furniture: Mainly to the plate, mainly affixed to the veneer and melamine, are straight, mostly and metal glass combination, modern sense is very strong.Dinning Hall Furniture

Modern furniture mainly divided into plate furniture and solid wood furniture. Plate furniture concise and crisp, trendy, flexible layout, price easy to choose, plate furniture is the mainstream of the furniture market. Solid wood furniture refers to all the panel materials are not processed again natural materials, do not use any wood-based panels (some inner panels may use wood-based panels) made of furniture.Dinning Hall Furniture

Furniture is the essential material apparatus for human beings to maintain daily life, engage in production practice and carry out social activities. The history of furniture can be said to be as long as the history of mankind, it has developed with the progress of society, reflecting the different times of human life and productivity levels, melting science, technology, materials, culture and art in one. Besides being a kind of goods with practical function, furniture is a kind of art with rich cultural form.Dinning Hall Furniture 

Over the past thousands of years, the design of furniture and the development of the form and style of plastic arts such as architecture, sculpture and painting have become an important part of human culture and art. Therefore, the development of furniture, not only reflects the development of human material civilization, but also shows the progress of human spiritual civilization.Dinning Hall Furniture