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Dinning Hall Furniture Table Material
Aug 17, 2017

              Wood table is made of natural wood table, the table is generally visible to the surface of wood texture. Its advantage lies in the use of natural wood, more natural appearance, and strong and durable, green environmental protection, (general production process qualified solid wood furniture) does not contain artificial additives, there is no pollution potential.Dinning Hall Furniture

             Table Desktop selection of tempered glass, safe and beautiful. Stainless steel metal feet, solid and durable. Stable performance, no irritant odor, formaldehyde release is less than 1.5MG/L, product indicators to meet the European E1, D4 and Japan JAS standards, home health pollution-free.

              Natural marble has a dense structure, good compressive strength, natural texture, thick texture, solemn and majestic, coefficient min, rigid, high hardness, wear resistance, temperature deformation small, and maintenance, easy to maintain, long life, no magnetization, no creaky feeling, not affected by moisture, the plane is fixed well. The marble table is the best choice for personalized décor and luxurious décor. Table with a-level thickening of marble, high temperature, high pressure, easier to maintain and clean, to add a sense of nobility table.Dinning Hall Furniture

              Stainless steel table will not produce corrosion, pitting, rust or wear, with corrosion resistance, strength, steel deformation is not easy to rupture and environmental performance, not easy to rust. Suitable for some public environmental hardware facilities used in harsh environment (wet, acid-base and other environment). Plain piano baking paint with stainless steel decorative frame and tempered glass, display elegant quality. Baking process production, cabinet body selection E1-level density board to create, outside for a unique piano baking process, health and environmental pollution-free.Dinning Hall Furniture