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Dormitory Furniture Architectural Space Pattern
Oct 09, 2017

Short corridor type unit: shorten the length of the public corridor, to avoid the long corridor of the ills, a bag-shaped corridor service 5 to 8 rooms, shared toilet toilet bath. Apartment type unit: a unit a staircase for several student living room service, each room has its own toilet bath, kitchen, living room, bedroom and study room. Dormitory Furniture

The number of rooms per set is determined as needed. Hotel-style units: This apartment in addition to a private type of strong residential layer, but also has a public service layer, public social activities, and the layout of life service facilities. Public service areas include: laundry, drying room, common room, game room and so on.Dormitory Furniture

Corridor is the most common school apartment space model. The basic feature is the corridor as a simple traffic space, the room layout along the corridor. Can also be subdivided into the inner corridor and corridor. This arrangement is the vast majority of colleges and universities in the form of apartments.Dormitory Furniture Hotel-style, each dormitory with a bathroom and living room, this model is actually included in the above-mentioned various 

models. Such as the Harbin Institute of Architectural Engineering new teachers apartment. This model is suitable for standard higher dorms. With the development of China's economy and the reform of the education system, this model has gradually been adopted; residential, in fact, personal unit of living. Applicable to married teachers living; high-rise apartment type. 

High-rise apartments by the increase in traffic and ancillary facilities, construction costs higher. This is undoubtedly in the case of strong economic strength is feasible.Dormitory Furniture As a result of the small size of the building, the form is relatively simple, as a public building, its influence is less than other buildings; and as a residential building, compared to residential as can cause widespread concern. Therefore, in general, the current lack of in-depth systematic study of teachers' apartments.Dormitory Furniture