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Dormitory Furniture Bunk Bed
Aug 25, 2017

                  1. Column: The use of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by a special molding line rolling, the façade of the hollow-shaped, column front and side has reinforced ribs, material thickness of 1.2mm (GB). 2. Cross-Beam: The use of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by a special molding line rolling, the façade of the hollow-shaped, the front side has two reinforcement, material thickness of 1.2mm (GB). 3. Guardrail: The use of ¢ 19*1.0mm (GB) thick high-quality pipe bending form, the length of up to 1.2 meters, the height of 220mm. 4. Board Support: Five root 20*30*0.8mm (GB) thick quality square tube production. 5. Staircase: Bracket adopts 30*20*1.0mm (GB) T oval square tube welding, foot pedal adopts 1.2mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate formed by stamping, surface need to have concave and convex lines, can play a non-slip effect. 6. Iron Bed part of the welding using carbon dioxide protection welding, plate surface by oil, rust, phosphating electrostatic spraying powder. High temperature curing. The whole bed connection part uses the hanging piece connection, does not have the screw connection, each bed may load 400kg. The net weight of the whole bed is about 42 kg.Dormitory Furniture

                  This product is a screw-free removable card-type bed, transport installation is more convenient (disassembly, transport convenience); This product than the market on the average iron beds are firm, top bunk sleep will not affect the lower berth of sleep (mute firmly); Products used in the profile determines its life, we used in the profile of the material inside and outside the pickling phosphating anti-corrosion treatment, so the iron bed even in the relatively damp place should not rust. This prolongs the service life of the bed (long service length).Dormitory Furniture

                   Double-decker bed for everyone is not unfamiliar, whether it is in the school accommodation, or after the school dormitory, even we will choose the choice of double bed iron, because the double bed iron is convenient, and does not occupy the place. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing a bunk iron bed? In the choice of double-layer iron bed, although the appearance and style are very important, but we can not only look at the appearance, the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of the double bed, mainly the following: first of all, to check whether the welding seam is smooth, full welding, in particular, to beware of false Second, check whether the welding part of the double bed iron bed and other cutting surface has a blank front. Third, if it is to the iron bed manufacturer or wholesale vendors custom-made products, before the delivery should be carefully checked whether and samples, so as to prevent unscrupulous manufacturers in pursuit of profit and jerry-building behavior.Dormitory Furniture