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Dormitory Furniture Design To Pay Attention To What The Problem
May 25, 2017

1, the Dormitory furniture should choose sound-absorbing, sound insulation and good decorative materials, soft and beautiful touch cloth, with insulation, sound-absorbing features of the carpet are the ideal choice for the hostel. Like marble, granite, tiles and other more cold materials are not suitable for bedroom use.

2, Dormitory furniture curtains should be selected with shading, heat resistance, insulation and sound insulation is better translucent screens or double lace curtains.

3, if the Dormitory furniture with a bathroom, you have to take into account the carpet and wood flooring fear of wet characteristics, so the dormitory floor should be slightly higher than the bathroom, or between the dormitory and bathroom with marble, tiles set a threshold to prevent moisture.

Second, the lighting design: the dormitory is a place to rest, in addition to providing easy to soft eyes of the soft light, the more important thing is to light the layout to ease the stress of life during the day, dormitory lighting should be soft. Dormitory furniture lighting can be divided into the entire indoor ceiling lights, bed lamps and low night lights, ceiling lights should be installed in the light is not glaring position; Dormitory furniture bed lamp can make the indoor light becomes soft, full of romantic atmosphere; The shadows cast by the lamp make the interior look more spacious.

Third, the color design: the color of the dormitory should avoid the choice of strong irritation color, the general choice of warm, smooth middle color, such as milky white, pink, beige and so on.