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Dormitory Furniture Related Information
Oct 23, 2017

Including domestic wages, welfare, travel expenses (domestic and international round-trip travel tickets, etc.), clothing costs, bedding fees, foreign food expenses, foreign pocket charges, personal insurance, bonuses, overtime, visiting relatives and abroad Time to pay the wages and so on. Such as wages, overtime pay, allowances (including rent and transportation allowance, etc.), recruitment and severance pay. Including the administrative department of stationery, paper, printing, books, statements, post and telecommunications, meetings, utilities, boil water, heating or air conditioning and other expenses.Dormitory Furniture

Including the purchase of books, books, periodicals, books, movies, television, video equipment, amortization of purchase, film and video rental costs, screening expenses (such as rental space, hospitality, etc.), sports facilities and sports expenses. Including depreciation amortization, repairs, leasing fees, real estate taxes, etc. for the use of houses, equipment, instruments, motor vehicles, etc. used by the administrative departments. Including kitchen equipment (such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, etc.), by the personal custody of the use of utensils, canteens furniture, dishwasher with water heaters, washing basin, daily life with the washing machine, sewing machines, irons, hairdressing equipment, Dormitory furniture, water, bath and other equipment purchase costs and amortization, maintenance and so on.Dormitory Furniture

Including low-value consumables such as shading, lighting, timing, cleaning, etc., except for small and medium-sized machinery and stencils, tools, fixtures, manpower vehicles, office furniture, utensils, computers, fire fighting equipment and office environment Purchase, amortization, maintenance, production workers own tools subsidies and transportation fees and so on. Including the acquisition of safety equipment, equipment, amortization, maintenance costs, the purchase of personal protective equipment for the use of labor protection supplies, summer cooling costs, health care workers (such as asphalt) issued health benefits, nutrition Goods and other costs.Dormitory Furniture