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Dormitory Furniture Tells You The Point Of Attention In Decorating
Sep 12, 2017

     From the school decoration and decoration works, the main reasons for the serious indoor environmental pollution are as follows: The renovation period is generally short. Because most of the school places are more tense, basically in the students after the holiday to vacate the classroom, the dormitory to decorate, but also before the students start school, in this case, there is no indoor harmful gas release period. School decoration Funds are more tense, ignoring the choice of decorative materials. In order to reduce the cost of decoration, most schools to take low-grade decoration, simply brush the wall, paving the floor, change tables and chairs, the result of some contaminated decorative materials take advantage of.Dormitory Furniture

     The Decoration project management is not strict. The investigation found that some schools signed the renovation contract is environmental renovation, but found that there are indeed decoration companies exist in the contract, switch phenomenon. Some school managers and decoration companies ignore the school classroom and dormitory indoor environment quality, that as long as the decoration surface no problem is qualified engineering, the quality of the indoor environment is not very strict.Dormitory Furniture

     This is because, students in the classroom time is also relatively long, a day about half the time in school, and 90% of the time is mainly indoor activities. is the school classroom and the dormitory student density is relatively big, the personnel is more concentrated, in decorates decorates the indoor environment pollution at the same time, also particularly easily causes the indoor carbon dioxide to exceed the standard and the biological pollution. The student's body is not yet mature, especially in primary school students are in a period of development, personal resistance than adults, students long-term contact with indoor decoration or furniture produced benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia gas and other substances, very easy to lead to chronic respiratory inflammation, cough, expectoration, and even cause dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, asthma and other nerves, Immune, respiratory and liver damage.Dormitory Furniture

      Since the beginning of the school is still winter, ventilation in the classroom is not good, not only will cause a large accumulation of harmful substances, but also reduce the indoor air volume, and indoor fresh air volume of the words will cause students brain hypoxia, memory loss, attention is not concentrated, class sleepy, serious will suffer "school classroom syndrome."Dormitory Furniture