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Dormitory Furniture To Tell You The Development Of The Furniture Market
Jun 13, 2017

   Compared with the furniture market in the past few years, compared with the weight of light design, in recent years with the furniture market itself fission, the design of exquisite style of the original wood furniture, in the minds of the status and value of steady rise. On the contrary, the lack of creative traditional furniture, even if the material as precious as mahogany, but also still escape the fate of consumers despise.

    Contrast, and found that furniture companies, including mahogany, including wood furniture, style, style, there is a big difference between the attitude. Some furniture companies generally more emphasis on material, style innovation is not much care, little innovation. Especially mahogany furniture, that the more traditional style more trouble, the higher the value.

    On the contrary, some furniture companies are more emphasis on style innovation, emphasis on the preferences and needs of modern people coincide, and a substantial increase in design value. With the mahogany furniture, the market price is more than 1 times more than not surprising. Even if some are not expensive mahogany, but as long as the style design creative, also worth doubled.Dormitory Furniture

    A brand of Wujin wood section only basin size of the dwarf coffee table, the price of up to 5,000 yuan / month, still the pursuit of the public. Have won the design awards of the chaise longs and butterfly chairs, the price reached 12600 ~ 16500 yuan. Placed in the door of the brand Wujin wood pebble coffee table, the price is as high as 230,000 yuan, more expensive than the traditional mahogany coffee table.Dormitory Furniture

Consumers in the end whether to buy it? Reporters have repeatedly visited the furniture market last year, a furniture owner, said to have given a friend out of a set of 10 sets of red candy sofa 10 million friendship price, but the friend too old style, and later spent more than 20 million Yuan to buy the same material with eleven sets, although the price of more than 1 times, but the friend fancy fashionable, into a lot of modern elements, and his preferences more consistent. Another buyer who wants to buy ordinary wood furniture, compared the brand, the final choice of a brand of products, material than Foshan, the price is more expensive, but wins in the style is good, suitable for the buyer Taste.Dormitory Furniture

   "Wood furniture at home all day to face, will not use a few years to throw away, in addition to practical, more or to consider whether the style of their own preferences." A furniture designer told reporters, in fact, the market price Balance, has been heavy material from the beginning to the creative side of the tilt, "creative to create value", has gradually appeared in the market price. I believe that with the improvement of people's taste and aesthetic taste, the future trend of the purchase of furniture and values, will be a corresponding change.Dormitory Furniture