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Essentials Of Maintenance Of Library Furniture
Sep 01, 2017

    The library will be divided into four major areas, namely, data area, reading area, industrial development area and leisure exhibition area, according to the three functional requirements of literature borrowing, research and development and exhibition. The library has a book Culture display field, all kinds of reading room, academic report Hall, multi-function exhibition hall, social training Center, bookstore, Cultural leisure room, internet café and other cultural rooms.Library Furniture

    Library equipment--office furniture maintenance Seven major taboos: do not drag hard pull when moving, should be lightly raised, should be placed flat to stabilize, if the ground is uneven, to be the leg cushion, in case damage mortise structure; Do not put the furniture in the sun exposure, also bogey put in too dry place, in order to prevent wood cracking deformation; Don't put the furniture in a very damp place, in order to avoid the wood in the wet expansion, a long time bad, the drawer will also pull not open, not in the coat cabinets and other furniture on top of the pressure heavy, lest the cupboard door protruding, cupboard door is not strict, clothing also avoid stacking too much, bogey more than door, in order to prevent door deformation Library Furniture

    Do not rinse with water or with a cloth towel to make the furniture, do not put in the alkali water immersion, prevent the splint loose gum or degumming; do not use the original paint color with the furniture and putty mix evenly after the embedded furniture cracks, so as not to leave scars; do not use alkali water.Library Furniture

    Library equipment--steel tin file cabinets to buy Common sense: Metal file cabinets are very valuable office furniture, so in the purchase of the time must recognize the quality of the product, so as not to buy back and regret. Look at the internal structure of the spot welding technology, dense, real goods are firm; sheet metal file cabinet thickness, finished thickness = material thickness 0.1mm thickness (plastic powder). Library Furniture

    Finished metal file cabinets are generally composed of two parts of the material, the inner plate is relatively thin, the test board and the door is thicker. Business said the thickness is the thickness of the door; to ask the merchant, whether the tin file cabinet after pickling and phosphating, if not through pickling and phosphating, plastic powder in the spray can not be fully integrated in the steel plate, moisture-proof quality is poor, the file, important file information does not have the function of preservation.Library Furniture