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Features Of School Office Furniture Disposition In Colleges And Universities
Aug 17, 2017

               Features of office furniture allocation in colleges and universities 1. Large quantity of demand: After the merger and expansion of colleges and universities in recent years, the scale of school-running has been enlarged and the teaching staff has been enlarged, and at present an ordinary college and university staff are more than thousand, and Zhejiang University and other national key universities and faculty can reach more than 20,000 people, so the demand for office furniture is huge Many furniture enterprises are aimed at this market, the market can provide more varieties of products.School Furniture

               2. Many levels of personnel: At present, the general classification of Colleges and universities is relatively fine, at the same time, the party organizations, trade unions and administrative organs at all levels, the number of relevant staff. All schools pay attention to the training of the cadres team, the overall age structure span, Zhejiang University as an example, the staff from the more than 20-year-old youth to more than 80-year-old academicians have, all kinds of people on the office environment, the knowledge and needs of a great difference. Young people like the modern, relaxed and lively work environment, while older people prefer a solemn, serious atmosphere.School Furniture

               3. Long working hours: The teacher this profession long desk work or the operation Computer Energy highly concentrates, the preparation time is longer, easily causes the neck muscle tension, the time one long will form the neck muscle and the ligament chronic injury, the serious person can become the cervical vertebra sickness. And lumbar pressure is standing on the lumbar spine under pressure several times, long, easy to cause lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion. Therefore, in the emphasis on "people-oriented", pay attention to the health of teachers today, the comfort of office furniture and work environment put forward higher requirements.School Furniture

               4. The demand for different disciplines is larger: Take Zhejiang University as an example: this comprehensive university covers humanities, social sciences, science, industry, faith, agriculture and medical sciences, and the requirements of office furniture and office environment between various disciplines and administrative units vary greatly.School Furniture