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Flexible Design Of School Furniture
Sep 21, 2017

     Flexible design of teaching space. How to make students learn to recognize, learn to do things, learn to behave, and learn to live together become today in Japan's school education before the major issues. On the one hand, if from the content, method, form, time and so on a variety of learning activities as the standard point of view, not only need to be equipped with multi-function as the goal, a high degree of freedom of space, but also from a variety of activities and the use of venues to provide hands-on learning space, This requires that the planning and design of school teaching space must be able to reflect the learning needs vividly and concretely.School Furniture

     On the other hand, the Government considers that the implementation of open education must take the open space as the primary condition, and the teaching space of the school must be diversified and vibrant. The traditional classroom restricts the form of teaching and learning, restricts the interaction between teachers and students, forms the passive acceptance of students and the lack of speculative learning experience activities. This monotonous space is only conducive to a single communication, not conducive to two-way, multi-directional interaction, so it is not conducive to the formation of team cooperation character.School Furniture

     The human-oriented design of the Exchange site. It attaches great importance to the cultivation of students ' social ability, and thinks that the communication between students can inspire each other and promote the improvement of social ability, which can make students become alert and find out the meaning of their existence with others. School Furniture

     From this dimension, the teaching surface has been extended to public places outside the classroom. So Japan is in the planning and design process of all schools. Focus on increasing the number of student gatherings or exchanges in school buildings, or "student centres".School Furniture

     In addition, some schools have benches in the ordinary classrooms, after the class, teachers and students can get together to create a unique atmosphere of collective work, so that students feel family-like warmth. Some schools use the restaurant as an important place for students to communicate, allowing different grades of students to dine together in a spacious lunch room, which makes it possible to talk to each other with little chance of speaking children. Furthermore, many schools invite old people from the community to dine with their children every year, so that children can learn to communicate with people of all ages to achieve the goal of "spiritual education".School Furniture