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How To Grasp The Opportunities Of Children's Furniture Market Is Hot?
Jan 18, 2017

With the two child policy fully open. In the future, China's children's consumer market will usher in the peak of development. For the wardrobe industry, the same market prospects for children's wardrobe. On the one hand, the full liberalization of the second child will help alleviate the pressure of population aging in China, on the other hand, for our wardrobe enterprises, it also brings new opportunities.

Children's furniture market welcome development opportunities Chinese according to the sixth census shows that China's 0 ~ 14 years old children over 220 million, accounting for about 16.6% of the total population. "Second child alone" policy after the implementation is expected in the next five years will bring 8 million newborns, which further promoted the development of China's children's furniture industry. "Follow the universal two child policy is expected in the next few years, children's furniture is still able to maintain a high growth rate of 10% or more. These customers are the precise positioning crowd of children's furniture industry, the future development of the market is huge. In short, the Chinese children's market is expected to accelerate the arrival of spring. Chinese children's furniture market is undoubtedly one of the beneficiaries.

Children's wardrobe market grew hot from the current market point of view, the development of broad prospects of children's wardrobe. Thus, more and more wardrobe enterprises have set foot in the children's wardrobe industry. Because of this, the direction of the development of children's wardrobe and wardrobe market mainstream direction more and more fit. However, most of the parents of the children's wardrobe standards, functions are not very understanding, let alone the child set furniture collocation. Integration helps parents solve this problem.

Wardrobe companies need to actively seize the market opportunities for children regardless of traditional family pattern 421, or "universal two child of the new deal, China children market undoubtedly presents a huge blue ocean, as wardrobe enterprises will undoubtedly need to grasp the opportunity, the overall decline in the wardrobe industry situation, create the miracle of counter attack. At the same time, wardrobe companies also need to understand the current problems of children's furniture market. With the rapid development of the children's market and the market segmentation, the market competition becomes more intense. In order to meet the needs of customers, from products to fight, fight prices now to fight the cycle of production and raw materials, fight culture, safety standards slowly toward the service level, brand communication, wardrobe enterprises must make full preparations, otherwise it is only a mirage and insubstantial objects.