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Interior Environment Design Of Music Library Furniture
Jul 23, 2017

                As an important part of music knowledge dissemination and music education popularization, music library plays a pivotal role in urban public library and professional colleges and universities. In modern times, the rapid development of information technology, music dissemination and appreciation of the way has been greatly changed, multimedia technologies began to gradually replace the traditional way of reading, leading the majority of the music audition experience, at the same time, music library is also facing new challenges and tests. At present, the construction of Music library in China is still in its infancy, but it has not formed a complete interior design system of music library, and how to create the interior space of Music library which adapts to the development of new situation through the design of interior space, has also become a subject worthy of discussion.Library Furniture

                Under the background of today's times, music library needs to adapt to the new situation and change, from function setting, service mode and reading mode, all have corresponding changes and requirements, which directly affect the basic function form, Space division and interior decoration method of space art design in music library. From the angle of interior environment design, on the basis of studying the relevant theories of library architecture and music library, combined with investigation and investigation, this paper summarizes the design features of music library, and sums up the problems existing in the interior design of modern domestic music library, and puts forward corresponding solutions and ideas.Library Furniture

               The article is divided into five parts, the first part states the background, cultural background, the purpose and significance of the research, and summarizes the current situation of the research on Music library at home and abroad, this paper expounds the main contents of the research, explains the research structure of the thesis, the second part starts with the function form of the music library, discusses the design pattern of the inner function partition of the music library, and the relationship between each function space. The third part is based on the second part, Continue to discuss the space form of the music library; Part Four further, the design of the furniture form and furnishings in the space; part five, discuss the professional space designed by music library, according to the standard and demand of each special space, summarize the design pattern satisfying the function experience. This paper makes a theoretical exploration of the Contemporary music library interior design, and unifies the Theory Foundation, puts forward the new thought to the music library interior design pattern, and further demonstrates, for the Future Music library interior design provides the reference.Library Furniture