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Ladder Classroom Tables And Chairs Purchase Notes
Oct 14, 2017

Ladder classroom tables and chairs purchase notes

Environmental protection: school tables and chairs a board selection of wood, plastic, steel wood, wood materials, especially man-made sheet, we must consider its environmental protection, such as formaldehyde emission, so as not to cause harm to students.

Humanization: the structure of the school tables and chairs, the size should be adapted to the student's stature and sitting requirements, a reasonable design to prevent students from hunchback, cervical bending and other health problems.

Security: school tables and chairs of the material is best with fire, water and other characteristics, to prevent the occurrence of fire, especially laboratory tables and chairs, will use some chemical reagents. In addition, the corner of the tables and chairs to be rounded treatment, so as not to bump, hardware can not be too sharp to prevent scratches. Tables and chairs of the structure should be solid and reliable, can withstand the weight of the book.


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