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Library Furniture And Equipment
Jul 15, 2017

          Library furniture and equipment. Library collections and the provision of services require a variety of traditional and modern furniture and equipment. The traditional furniture mainly includes bookshelves, reading tables and chairs, catalogue cabinets, cashier tables, office furniture and so on, the requirements are: economic application, sturdiness and durability, beautiful and comfortable, easy to repair, easy to move. Modern furniture is mainly a variety of automation and modern equipment, such as document automation transmission equipment, document circulation anti-theft devices, computers and ancillary equipment, photocopying equipment, microfilm and audio-visual products storage, reproduction and use of equipment, linked to library automation systems or network of various communications equipment.Library Furniture

          Modern furniture and equipment of library: it is closely related to the development of modern technology and information technology of library. Modern science and technology is more and more used in libraries, improve the efficiency of work and service, caused the great changes in the library, such as in some more modern libraries, the traditional card catalogue has been replaced by the machine-readable directory, that is, the directory cabinets are replaced by computers and other equipment. Modern librarians must also master the use, management and maintenance of modern equipment.Library Furniture

          The library holds the library catalogue card The Cabinet, consists of numerous catalogs drawer, each drawer length, the width is 420x128 mm, the drawer front board total height 100 millimeters, the side plate is lower than the card one finger. The total height of the cabinets (that is, the amount of the vertical drawer) is determined by the use (for the purpose of the reader or the official), the volume of the holdings (large or medium, small), and the size of the catalog room.Library Furniture