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Main Points And Identification Methods Of Dormitory Furniture
Aug 02, 2017

    Select the main points: the dormitory should choose sound-absorbing, sound-proof good decorative materials, soft and fine-looking cloth paste, with insulation, sound-absorbing function of the carpet is the ideal choice for the dormitory. Curtains should choose translucent screens or double lace curtains with shading, heat resistance, insulation and sound insulation. If the dormitory with bathrooms, Dormitory Furniture you should take into account the carpet and wood flooring afraid of damp characteristics, so the dormitory should be slightly above the ground floor of the bathroom, or between the dormitory and bathroom with marble, floor tile set a threshold to prevent moisture. Lighting Design: The dormitory is a resting place, in addition to providing easy to the eye of the soft light source, more importantly, is to light the layout to ease the stressful day of life pressure, dormitory lighting should be mainly soft.Dormitory Furniture
   The illumination of the dormitory can be divided into lighting the ceiling lamp, bed lamp and low night light, and the ceiling lamp should be installed in the light. Color Design: Students dormitory color should avoid the choice of strong stimulating color, generally choose warm, smooth middle color, such as milky white, pink, beige and so on. The choice of the school apartment bed is recommended to use quality clearance furniture, in order to avoid repeated maintenance in the future, to the school after the sale of staff inconvenience, students with the burden of the heart too heavy, there is no guarantee!Dormitory Furniture
   Identify the intrinsic quality of furniture from six aspects. First, observe the quality of wood: open furniture door, drawer to observe whether the wood is dry, white, texture is tight and delicate, inferior wood or yellow heart wood not only the color yellow brown, wood is also very soft. Second, observe the quality of the wood is not defective: the main force of the furniture frame, connecting the column between the near ground load-bearing bars, should not be large section scar and crack, crack. Third, precise size, shape upright: To see if there is no drawer or doorway tilt phenomenon, there is no tenon eye position contorted or eyelets too large joints due to the level of technology caused by the position of skew. Four, the main size of the structure requirements: Composite furniture support column and the width of the base column should not be less than 45 mm-50 mm, thickness should be 20 mm ――22 mm. Three-week bar width should be 25 mm ――30 mm, thickness of 20――22 mm can be. Dormitory Furniture Five, observe the strength of the plate: the plate surface strength can be used finger, to feel the surface of the fastness, the material should have a well shaped skeleton to fix, if the skeleton sparse, a surface will feel unreal, the panel vibration is very big. Drawer floor can be pressed by hand to test strength. Six, skirt foot should protect: with a variety of veneer materials decorative surface furniture, should be near the ground to protect the skirt, otherwise a layer of 3 mm thick Styrofoam board may be toe kick broken, buy to squat down with the back of the hand close to the ground to the inside touch, whether the addition of a horizontal bar.Dormitory Furniture