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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Dinning Hall Furniture
Jun 28, 2017

           Solid wood Restaurant Furniture Its greatest advantage lies in the nature of wood grain, and the natural color of many changes. Since solid wood is an organism that is constantly breathing, it is recommended that it be placed in an environment that is suitable for temperature and humidity, and that the beverage, chemical agent or overheating object should be prevented from being placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If the United States plate material, when the dirt is more, Beijing and June letter furniture recommended diluted neutral detergent with warm water first wipe, again to clean water to try, remember to wipe off the water stains with soft dry cloth, to be completely wiped clean, and then use the maintenance wax, even if finished, only pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, to make wood furniture for a long time new.

           Marble Dining room furniture is easy to stain, clean should be less water, regularly with a mild detergent cloth wipe, and then wipe dry and polished with a clean soft cloth. Serious wear-resistant marble furniture is difficult to handle, can be polished with steel wool, and then polished with an electric grinder to restore luster. Or use liquid scrub carefully wipe, can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean stain, but the time that lemon stays above is best not more than 2 minutes, if necessary, can repeat operation, then wash and dry.

           Glass Restaurant furniture. Glass furniture is best placed in a more fixed place, do not move back and forth, to smooth the object, heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of the glass furniture to prevent the furniture center of gravity caused by instability. Daily cleaning, with a wet towel or newspaper to wipe, but also can use the current market on the sale of glass cleaning agent, bogey with strong acid alkaline solution cleaning.Dinning Hall Furniture.

           Electroplating Furniture. The electroplating furniture should be kept in a dry place to prevent dampness. When the surface of the plating on the yellow-brown mesh spot, the use of neutral oil often wipe, in order to prevent mesh spots continue to expand and make the plating layer degradation rust. For rusty electroplating furniture, should be in time to remove rust, but do not use sandpaper and emery cloth.Dinning Hall Furniture.

          Other materials of the restaurant furniture and the two types of furniture maintenance methods are similar, mainly to keep clean, attention to protection. In fact, more than the restaurant furniture configuration and maintenance is fastidious, other household items are the same, only the placement of them, our home life will be more comfortable.Dinning Hall Furniture.