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Maintenance Of School Furniture Repair Skills
May 25, 2017

Maintenance Of School Furniture Repair Skills

1, in addition to the wooden school furniture on the oil

 Residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent, wipe, and then spray a small amount of corn flour to wipe, and finally wipe the corn flour can be. Corn flour can absorb all the stolen goods adsorbed on the surface of the school furniture, so that the paint is bright and bright.

2, in addition to the wooden school furniture on the ink

You can add two copies of white vinegar in a piece of water, wipe the ink on the wooden school furniture with a sponge, and then clean and dry it.

3, white school furniture yellowing treatment

 School furniture on the surface of the white paint, the course of time will turn yellow. You can use wipes dip toothpaste wipe, pay attention not too much force; can also mix two egg yolk, with a soft brush to the yellow place to paint, dry with a soft cloth carefully wipe clean it. Also pay attention to the use of sunshine in a long time to avoid school furniture.

4, the school furniture was scratched the deal

If the school furniture accidentally scratched, but did not touch the paint below the wood, soft cloth can be used to dissolve a little wax solution, painted in the film wound, cover scars. Until the wax hardened, and then coated with a layer. So repeatedly painted several times, you can cover the film scars.

5, film burning marks repair method

If the school furniture film is cigarette butts, soot or not extinguished matches and other burns, leaving the scorched marks, and not burning the following paint the wood, you can use a small piece of fine lines hard cloth wrapped a chopsticks head, gently wipe Burning traces, and then coated with a layer of thin wax liquid, scorch can be removed.

6, clear the watermark on school furniture

 School furniture due to dripping water is not timely wiping, over a period of time, water into the film gap and accumulation, so that the film thrown a watermark. In this case, as long as the water mark on the cover covered with a clean damp cloth, and then carefully with iron pressure wet cloth, so gathered in the watermark in the water will be evaporated, the watermark will disappear.