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Notes On Library Furniture Design
Jun 28, 2017

        21st century, for furniture products, people pay more attention to the convenience, comfort, safety, value and efficiency of the evaluation, so that furniture design and manufacturing continues to innovate. The future furniture design will highlight the concept of humanized design, integration of science and technology, efficiency, human nature and environmental protection of the new Office form is coming. To this end, furniture designers also put forward the "3E" design concept, that is, aesthetics, human body function and environmental coordination, is "pleasant, pleasant, Shan people", to show the people-oriented design purposes.Library Furniture.

        The bookshelf is one of the important furniture of the library. The height, shape, color and orientation of bookshelf directly affect the convenience of the readers to the library utilization. To configure the Bookshelf, table and chair suitable for human dimensions, we should understand the characteristics of human body, such as the characteristics of human form, human perception, human reflection, and the psychological characteristics of people in work. Therefore, the application of anthropometric data in Bookshelf design and book placement is an extremely important and complex problem. It is related to the applicability of the bookcase designed, the staff to organize the bookshelf, the reader to take books, query information easy to operate, accurate and comfortable.Library Furniture.

        Reading tables and chairs: Reading desk table to maintain the level, while the reading Chair seat plate to a fixed angle backward tilt, this kind of unreasonable desk and chair angle collocation, not conducive to the coordination of the functions of various parts of the body. When people study and work at the desk, the visual organ, the nerve center, the body muscle, the limbs joint and so on all simultaneously participates in the activity. Books placed on the level of the desktop, if the body leans back to rely on the chair backing plate, the eyes and books to increase the angle of the book image deformation. In order to make the visual image clear and complete, reduce the visual angle, users often use the body tilt posture, but the height of the tables and chairs, unable to adapt to the differences in height, so people have to droop the head, anterior stretch of the neck, so that the eyes close to the table, bending the cervical spine and spine, so that the neck, waist muscles for a long time in the uncoordinated stress state, enhanced the cervical vertebra, lumbar intervertebral disc pressure, muscle and ligament traction strain, vertebral body leading edge wear and tear hyperplasia, prone to cervical spondylosis, vertebral disease and scapulohumeral periarthritis diseases. This kind of bad posture, also very easy to produce visual fatigue.Library Furniture.