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Problems With Dinning Hall Furniture
Sep 01, 2017

     In order to cater to the aesthetic preference of the coming and the other, solid wood furniture design is constantly completing the "slimming". learned that its main push products have revealed the "simple and beautiful" characteristics, the original solid wood furniture can also become so frivolous and stylish.Dinning Hall Furniture

     Mainly to solid wood, pay attention to furniture environmental protection, especially the recent introduction of the study Series new products, all with the most traditional crafts made, with the most pure wood free design creation. If you think the Ming and Qing furniture is the kind of dim color, the style of heavy wood, "up and down" to the contemporary perspective of the interpretation of the Ming-style furniture, the traditional cylindrical design to the inner circle, so that it has a more modern sense of the line, at the same time, with carbon fiber materials boldly to the traditional Ming-style furniture, the details of the characteristics of The maximum thinning, light, thinning, creating a new "Big World" series products. If you like this kind of new Chinese style furniture, may wish to come to Hangzhou dining Room furniture exhibition hall to visit.Dinning Hall Furniture

    Food and beverage furniture paint surface cracking, cracking reasons are: restaurant tables and chairs of the use of paint, and then the maintenance of tables and chairs in the process of improper operation will also lead to the restaurant tables and chairs paint surface cracking. That table and chair paint cracked the AOI treatment? Because of the different paint surface, the remedial measures adopted are also different. The brush of carpentry distinguishes between oil and mixed oil, in which the varnish is divided into ordinary lacquer and water-based paint, the way of handling varies.Dinning Hall Furniture

    Edible oils (also known as water paint), ordinary paint: with more than 800 eyes of the fine sandpaper plus water, carefully grinding the cracks, clean the place, and then brush the same color paint, dry, and then brush again. water-based Paint: The use of special repair wax, carefully painted on it. Mixed oil: If the paint surface is only a slight crack, directly polished, and then spray painting can. If the paint surface has been seriously cracked, you need to carefully remove the cracked paint surface, coated with atomic ash, after grinding, painting.Dinning Hall Furniture