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Relationship Between Dinning Hall Furniture And Geomantic Omen
Jul 15, 2017

          (a) Rectangular: Rectangular tables are mostly used by middle-rich or above, or because of the size of the dining room. Whatever the reason, with the family of rectangular table, Beijing and June believe that the United States furniture is very easy to have the subject and object, that is, the status of the head of household will be more prominent and obvious. In the aspect of emotional communication and communication, it is also easy to have a kind of guiding or imperative phenomenon.

          (b) Square: a square table is usually used by few people, and some may be merged into a for other special purposes, for example: Mahjong table and table. With a square table family, the members will easily create a conflict of antagonism and infighting, but also have their own practice and the phenomenon of Huaiguitai. Moreover, the square can only hold four people, this will bring a feeling of cold and desolate.Dinning Hall Furniture

           (iii) Round: The table is the most suitable for the general family use, because of its happy effect, but also symbolizes the lack of identity between the limits of the height. The family is easy to communicate and communicate with each other.Dinning Hall Furniture

          (iv) Oval: Family with oval tables, members of the family can easily combine factions or divisions to form a competing force. BEIJING and June believe the best furniture, especially the family.Dinning Hall Furniture

           (v) Polygons or unequal sides: This will only occur in certain areas of particular accommodation, which can be said to be extremely rare, and families with such forms of dining tables will have more erratic things, and everyone in the family will be able to gather and unite, and even be prone to schizophrenic situations. The color collocation of dining room furniture has great influence on people's dining psychology. One is the color of food can affect people's appetite, the second is the color of the restaurant furniture can also affect the mood when people eat. The color of the dining room furniture is different because of individual hobby and character. But on the whole, the color of the restaurant furniture should be clear and light tone mainly, Beijing and June letter furniture suggest you are most suitable for orange and the same hue of sister color. Both colors have the effect of stimulating appetite, not only to give a warm feeling, but also to improve the interest of the diners. The overall color collocation, should also pay attention to the ground color straight deep, the wall can be used in the middle tone, ceiling tone is shallow, to increase the sense of stability. In different time, season and psychological state, people's feelings about color will change, Beijing and June letter furniture suggest you can use light to adjust the indoor color atmosphere, in order to achieve a good diet. When the furniture of the dining room is darker, it can be set against the bright fresh light or blue-white, green-white, red and white tablecloth. For example, a of people tend to be bored when they dine, using red tablecloths to eliminate loneliness. Lamps can be selected incandescent lamp, the reflective cover to the soft orange light reflected indoors, the formation of orange-yellow environment, to eliminate the feeling of depression. The winter night, can choose candlelight color light source illumination, or chooses the orange spotlights, causes the light to concentrate on the table, also will produce the warm feeling.