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Research And Design Of Dormitory Integrative Furniture
Aug 06, 2017

               With the continuous improvement of national economic level, the higher education in our country is booming, and the number of boarders is increasing. As an important place for students to study and live in school, the environment of students ' dormitory and the construction of supporting facilities are more and more valued by the society. Under the background of the overall development of social economy and science and technology level, the psychological characteristics of contemporary college students, life quality and life style also has the remarkable change and the enhancement, their demand for the dormitory furniture is no longer only at the single functional level, sets up sleeps, the storage, the leisure, adapts the information learning way and so on function as one of new modular dormitory bed has appeared and gradually popularizes.Dormitory Furniture

               But it enhances the student to use the experience at the same time also increases the dormitory each person occupies the space, reduces the unit dormitory to be able to accommodate the student number, but to the high school which urgently needs to solve the boarders number soaring question, enhances the unit dormitory student to accommodate the number or the precondition. Therefore, the majority of the eight people in our colleges and universities are still using the relatively small occupancy space per capita and the dormitory furniture with the upper and lower bunk beds as the main body.Dormitory Furniture

               This has formed a student dormitory furniture use experience and school needs to improve the number of accommodation in the contradiction between the design of modern college students dormitory bed furniture as a design object to meet students sleep, leisure, learning, storage and other needs at the same time, can improve the space utilization of new integrated modular dormitory design for the purpose, through theoretical research and design practice, analysis of the current product market status, functional needs and deficiencies, put forward for the university students dormitory bed furniture design elements, Design principles and design solutions. The author strives to systematically design method theory, under the comprehensive guidance of the relevant design theories such as ergonomics, combined with the objective constraints of the current economic level and manufacturing process, this paper takes the multifunctional integration design as the starting point, and through the reasonable function structure, the spatial layout and the modelling design, seeks the balance between the space utilization ratio and the student dormitory furniture experience.Dormitory Furniture