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Dormitory Furniture Maintenance And Selection
Jul 03, 2017

           When the time is slowly past, our dormitory furniture will appear such some problems and condition. What should we do?

           1, the first furniture should be placed in the air circulation, relatively dry place, do not close to the fire or damp walls, to avoid sun exposure. 2, second, the dust on the furniture, the application of brush removal, as far as possible do not use water scrub, when necessary, the use of moist soft cloth lightly wipe, must not use alkali water, soap water, detergent solution scrub, lest affect the brightness of paint or paint loss. 3, finally, cabinet furniture move to lift away from the ground, do not push hard pull, lest grocer loose or damaged. Apart from these people are not also want to know some of the various types of dormitory furniture maintenance methods, and then look down, will tell you oh.Dormitory Furniture

           The following are all kinds of dormitory furniture maintenance methods: 1 wood dormitory furniture care wooden dormitory furniture maintenance is the key is to maintain clean, avoid sharp device scraping flowers, for stubborn stains can be used cleaning agent wipe surface. When placed, in order to prevent the paint oxidation please avoid direct sunlight, in order to prevent the dormitory furniture structure damage please avoid overload use. Try not to drag to avoid damaging the paint surface when you need to move. 2 The maintenance method of the dormitory furniture of the iron frame bed is simpler. In order to prevent the iron bed plating chromium layer corrosion, you can often dip a little anti-rust oil or sewing machine oils to wipe chrome plating. So, you can keep the iron bed bright as new. Once the iron bed chrome layer appears rust, should be removed early, lest rust expand. Refer to the above points to the dormitory furniture regular care, you can make your dormitory furniture is always new.Dormitory Furniture

          Students Dormitory Furniture Choice: 1, dormitory should choose sound-absorbing, sound-proof good decorative materials, soft and fine-looking cloth paste, with insulation, sound-absorbing function of the carpet is the ideal choice for the dormitory. 2, curtain should choose to have shading, heat resistance, insulation and sound insulation better translucent window screen or double lace curtains. 3, if the dormitory with bathrooms, it is necessary to take into account the carpet and wood flooring afraid of damp characteristics, so the dormitory should be slightly above the ground floor of the bathroom, or between the dormitory and bathroom with marble, floor tile set a threshold to prevent moisture. 4, Lighting Design: The dormitory is a resting place, in addition to providing easy to the eye of the soft light source, more importantly, is to light the layout to ease the stressful day of life pressure, dormitory lighting should be mainly soft. The illumination of the dormitory can be divided into lighting the ceiling lamp, bed lamp and low night light, and the ceiling lamp should be installed in the light. 5, Color design: Students dormitory color should avoid the choice of strong stimulating color, generally choose warm, smooth middle color, such as milky white, pink, beige and so on. 6, the choice of the school apartment bed to use the quality of the furniture, so as not to repeat the maintenance in the future, to the school after the sale of staff inconvenience, students with the heart burden too heavy, there is no guarantee!Dormitory Furniture