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School Furniture Of The Surface Decoration Process
Oct 09, 2017

After finishing the primer, the primer is painted and the primer is painted and painted. Each paint is finished with sanding and grinding. This kind of coating process in the putty, primer, paint the film formed by the sanding, filling and polishing, to ensure that the membrane works well known as the film modification.School Furniture

Furniture painting construction techniques and process steps: the general furniture refers to the middle and low furniture, like organs, schools, factories and some not pay attention to the civilian furniture, such furniture on the requirements of simple and elegant, more attention to the protection of wood. Finished furniture such as paint demanding high gloss, good brushing, cheap. In line with these conditions can choose novolac and alkyd varnish as a finish, the choice of shellac varnish for primer and putty used. Its construction technology in southern China and the north is very different, the furniture factory also has a different, now give a reference example, the finishing process is as follows.School Furniture

Rubbing the old powder that is rubbed paste paste, the first water and powder calcium carbonate 1: 1 add water into a slurry, with iron red, yellow, ink, red and other pigments into the required color, After a test with a piece of wood. Erase the excess water and old powder, with shellac varnish finishing, dry to see its color effect. And the template should be slightly more corresponding, because the painted lacquer color will be deeper, in addition to the color can also be used to adjust the wine color, if the color is very difficult to find color on the light.School Furniture

Bugu glue putty, brush finished shellac varnish will be clearly seen when the coating of the uneven and defects, scraping the same color with the background color of the shellac putty. Painted shellac varnish will find the color of the workpiece film and the color of the model. With the required dye dissolved in the shellac varnish made of wine color. Brush wine color process to continue to compare with the standard model, must not focus on the color.School Furniture