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School Furniture Procurement Scale Expansion Of Government Procurement Furniture Market Boom
Jan 18, 2017

According to incomplete statistics, in November, the country through public bidding, competitive negotiation, inquiry, the actual completion of the furniture procurement projects about 600, procurement scale 500 million yuan. The overall size of the national procurement ring slightly has the rise, on the whole, the procurement of furniture market is still maintained a steady trend, the number of projects rose 20%, public bidding projects increased significantly.

December government procurement furniture market will usher in a wave of boom

From the data, the fourth quarter are furniture government procurement projects appear this time point, and each unit of the next annual procurement needs and budget planning have a certain relationship. Daily economic news reporter noted that in November 2016 furniture items increased significantly. According to incomplete statistics, the country completed the tender furniture project of about 600, of which, more than one million yuan furniture project of about 150, accounting for about 25% of the total project. More than one million yuan of the total size of about 350 million yuan, accounting for the overall scale of the project procurement scale of about 70% large projects are still on the overall scale of procurement plays a supporting role. Among them, 10 million yuan project 3, 5 million yuan more than 11 projects, the overall project mostly to 1 million -500 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the November tender opening time scheduled for December, large projects into the trend of the outbreak, of which 2 million yuan more than about 30 projects, 9 projects procurement budget of more than 5 million yuan, of which 3 projects is to reach the level of ten million yuan, at the end of the year is the furniture market of government procurement season, believe that the market government procurement of furniture in December will usher in a wave of boom.

School furniture demand large amount of project procurement amounted to one million yuan

According to incomplete statistics, in November completed a total school project of about 250, the amount of 220 million yuan, the school furniture procurement project procurement requirements to majority, beds, cabinets and restaurant furniture. For schools, at the end of the procurement of furniture, furniture can guarantee the premise of the normal learning, without affecting the student accommodation, dining under maintenance, to ensure the normal use of the new semester after the winter vacation. In November, more than one million yuan of school projects about 60, the scale of about $170 million. 80% school project procurement amounted to more than one million yuan, Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian, Henan province is still a source of large projects.

In November the amount of the top ten of the project, the school projects accounted for half. The "Fudan University Fenglin campus student apartment furniture project" to 12 million 199 thousand and 220 yuan bid amount this month become the first big project. The project budget 13 million 790 thousand yuan, a total purchase 4900 sets of dormitory furniture, the project needs to provide a set of samples of furniture.

The scale of school furniture and office furniture purchasing shares

Other types of furniture, including the giant standard hotel furniture, furniture, home furniture and other special welfare court, is a very important part of the government procurement market of furniture. In general, the number of other types of furniture project is relatively small, the overall size supported by standard camp and hotel projects, from the annual average, the market share is far less than the school furniture and office furniture. But in recent months, other types of furniture procurement market performance is very eye-catching.

According to incomplete statistics, in November, the country completed other furniture project of about 145, the total size of about 150 million yuan, other furniture items more than one million yuan of about 35, the scale of 100 million yuan, though still less than the school furniture and office furniture item number, but the total size has been more than a month more than the size of the office furniture procurement. In November the amount of the winning project in the top ten, other furniture accounted for 4 seats, and even school furniture, including the special procurement library shelves, reading desk, hotel furniture and home court.

Recently, according to the "government procurement information" statistics obtained, the southwest market attracts more and more attention to the furniture business, the furniture enterprises are thinking to the southwest market strategic transfer. From the statistical data can also be seen, large enterprises in Southwest China attaches great importance to this piece of the market, foreign furniture enterprises are eyeing this big cake".