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School Furniture Tells You The History Of The Evolution Of Furniture
Sep 12, 2017

     The word furniture first appeared in the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties period, is the meaning of household appliances, southern China is also called furniture. Traditional furniture refers to the family of movable household appliances, the concept of modern furniture with a broad sense, has gone beyond the family scope, extended to commercial shops, schools and other public places or outdoors, furniture is not necessarily mobile.School Furniture

      There is no strict standard interpretation, can only be based on the meaning of traditional meaning and the extension of logic, divided into broad and narrow furniture. The furniture of the broad sense refers to people's daily life, work, study and social intercourse indispensable one kind of apparatus. The narrow sense of furniture refers to people in life, work, study and social intercourse, for people to sit, lie or support and storage of goods and as a kind of decoration equipment.School Furniture

     The use of furniture is universal human beings have been used extensively by people whether they sit on their knees, sit on the ground or later pedal. Furniture is essential in today's society. Furniture with its unique functions throughout the people's clothing, food, housing, and line (see table 1-1), and with the development of society and technological progress and lifestyle changes. such as China's reform and opening-up since the development of commercial furniture, travel furniture, office furniture and civilian furniture in the audio-visual cabinets, bars, kitchen furniture, sanitary appliances, etc. is the development of China's furniture new varieties, they have their unique function to meet different times, different groups of different needs. The universality of furniture can also be understood as mass, everyone is the user of furniture, the audience and even the designer.School Furniture

    The function of furniture has two heavy property is not only material products, but also the spirit of products, both for the use of human contact function, but also for people to watch the aesthetic feelings and to create a rich association of spiritual functions, which is often said to be the characteristics of the double furniture. It is not only related to materials, technology, equipment and other technical fields, but also with sociology, behavioral science, relations, psychology, modelling arts and other social sciences are closely related. The design furniture must master the relations between the function, the material technical condition and the modelling, so that the furniture can embody its value comprehensively.School Furniture