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School Furniture To Teach You The Choice Of Library Furniture And Student Tables And Chairs
Jun 13, 2017

   First, the choice of library furniture:

1, pay attention to the degree of bookcase firmness

  Books are heavier, so the requirements of the shelf strength is very high. Especially in the middle of the horizontal plate requirements strong, vertical support force should be strong, so that the overall can be durable.School Furniture

2, pay attention to the external dimensions of the shelf

  For ordinary consumers, the choice of school furniture for their own books and the future to be purchased books to determine the style of bookshelves. If the books are mostly 32, then there is no need to choose the kind of layer height and thickness are large 16 open book design bookshelves, so as to avoid wasting valuable space.School Furniture

3, bookshelf style and style

  The purchase of the furniture also need to focus on the overall style of the mix, the style and style of the shelves should be consistent with the study of the wind, so as to create a comfortable and beautiful study.

4, the price of bookshelves

    According to their own economic conditions, choose the shelf for their own price.

Second, the size of the school tables and chairs:

    In accordance with the latest school furniture GB requirements, students should be smooth and smooth lines, round or curved edge, with acute angle and surface hard, rough students desks and chairs should be away from the children. In addition, in the purchase of school furniture, it is best to shake a few times, the structure of loose, feeling shaky school furniture can not be.

    Student desks and chairs and school furniture, the material should be environmentally friendly no smell, the surface coating should not fade and difficult to scratch the characteristics, and must choose to use plastic veneer or other harmless paint the students desks and chairs.

    In general, the standard of the student desk is 1.1 ~ 1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters high, 0.55 ~ 0.6 meters wide; students chair chair height of 0.4 ~ 0.44 meters, the overall height of not more than 0.8 meters, basically can meet the school-age children The need. But this height is not suitable for high school students. If you do not want to frequently change the child's desk, you should choose to adjust the height of the lift students desks and chairs.School Furniture