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School Furniture Training Chair
Aug 25, 2017

               Plastic Training chair: Back: The use of raw PP plastic, than recycled plastic has toughness, smooth, beautiful, rugged and durable; WordPad: Wooden Writing board, more than ordinary plastic writing board load-bearing strength, writing board can be turned down, very humane; solid steel spray Support rack Chair frame: The use of high-quality solid steel surface sprayed plastic production, steel bar diameter of 12MM; foot pad: The use of high-density PP plastic manufacturing, wear-resistant, non-slip, to prevent scratching the floor; features: A combination of a net bag, plastic, and metal Increased the product's aesthetic feeling and texture, in line with the modern industrial order of the trend, simple and easy, durable products, applicable to the company's internal training, at all levels of training centers, such as education chairs, conference chairs, public seating use.School Furniture

                Training chair The chivalrous definition refers to the chair that the person sits while sitting in the sitting posture, which is widely defined as: convenient for all kinds of place training Chair, including conference Chair, news chair Dictation chair Training chair, etc.School Furniture

                Training chair consumption mainly include: school training (language training, calligraphy and painting training, vocational training, etc.) Enterprise Training Hospital Training Hotel training family use and so on. Adopt 1600 PP material base plate and backrest in Korea, plastic plate a variety of colors can be selected, pp material WordPad, writing board has black dark blue light Three colors, international cold pipe baking paint steel tripod, some products seat cushion and back can be decorated cloth, cloth color optional, book NET can choose! Iron parts welding with carbon dioxide protection welding and pot arc welding, steel pipe surface through the oil, rust, phosphating, electrostatic spraying process, such as high-temperature solidification, quality and durability.School Furniture