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Standard Use And Selection Of School Furniture
Jul 03, 2017

             1, health supervision institutions and educational institutions should grasp the school furniture procurement access standards, classroom furniture distribution standards, daily health management and teaching and living environment monitoring, and increase supervision.

             2, change one-sided pursuit of students ' desks and chairs "uniform, easy to manage" the traditional concept, improve the school leaders and teachers to implement the national standards, according to the ergonomic configuration of student desks and chairs of scientific knowledge. Against the national standards, according to the students actually sit high on all the primary and secondary schools to adjust each class, rectify the classroom furniture management and improper use of the phenomenon.School Furniture

             3, design a variety of new curriculum in line with the spirit, small class teaching, early high school classroom teaching and other desktop needs of students desks and chairs. To achieve both the standard and suitable for teaching with the functional requirements, at the same time, combined with the school room conditions, the relative increase in college students work, operation and learning of the effective use area.School Furniture

             4, school furniture manufacturers recommend, the supervision and management system consisting of educational equipment, technical supervision, health supervision and education supervision should be established to supervise and manage the whole process of the school desks and chairs ' updating, ordering, producing and using, to ensure safe, firm and applicable students ' desks and chairs into the classroom.School Furniture

            When we were in school, our classroom furniture was different in height and size, and there were new and old ones that looked very uncoordinated. However, with the development of time, the replacement of school furniture also accelerated.

Because the students ' desks and chairs are mainly used in school teaching, and are the learning tools for students to use in class, so the stability and safety of the students ' desks and chairs are very important. Student desks and chairs of the good or bad, directly related to the students ' mood and mentality, but also affect the classroom teaching effect and interactive atmosphere; How to choose the school furniture, so many procurement staff headache unceasingly.

            Under normal circumstances, as far as possible to choose a good reputation, the unit is our first goal, in order to avoid some businesses with the withdrawal of material or defective materials to replace raw materials or the same things inside the amount of material added less, jerry-building, shoddy because of the benefit of forgetting righteousness. Some school furniture manufacturers often do so, thus disrupting the student desks and chairs market. Do not listen to the price and picture, to know more about the market, at the same time the product in kind of testing, there are conditions, but also the product workshop, product raw materials and product production process to do further understanding, in short, can do a good job on the product is no better.School Furniture