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Table Design In Dinning Hall Furniture
Jul 03, 2017

                The restaurant is a family for dining space, is also the most common place for families. Comfortable dining environment in an independent restaurant for the best, but due to the relationship between the space, many people will be the restaurant and kitchen into one, the middle of the partition language to make cabinets and cupboards, which is a good design.

                The dining room furniture mainly includes the table, the chair, the dining cabinet and so on, the general form and the scale are as follows:

                The table form is mainly divided into rectangular table and round table, the rectangular table includes square table, rectangular table, multilateral table, round table, oval table, etc. To support the structure of the desktop is mainly supported by a single pillar, two-piece support, four-legged support and so on.Dinning Hall Furniture

                The dining chair usually does not have the armrest, thus will have the comfortable feeling at the meal. BEIJING and June Xin Furniture recommended that you use an armchair in a more formal setting or display of the main seat to show a solemn atmosphere or feel comfortable. The seat height of the dining chair is very exquisite, usually should keep between the 420-440mm, and the chair to the tabletop high difference should keep between 280-320mm. In addition the seat front width should not be less than 380mm, seat deep between the 340-420mm, the chair back always high in 850-1000mm between the appropriate.

                 The form of the dining cabinet uses two monomer upper and lower modular design, the upper end uses the glass through-door structure, displays the tableware and the drinking utensil graceful modelling, its depth usually between 260-350mm. Lower end of the cabinet, slightly deeper than the upper end, to 400-450mm advisable. Cupboard height and width do not have a certain size, as long as the overall ratio of space coordination can be.Dinning Hall Furniture

                 The cupboard form also has the partition type low ark type and the Condole cabinet type and so on, these all are according to the space zoning special need design, its scale basically revolves the above size to determine. The design of the dining cabinet should be exquisite and delicate, the function division is reasonable and proper, at the same time the glass door of the upper end should use 8mm thick glass shelves as far as possible, and set the concentrating quartz tube lamp in the corresponding position of each perspective door and roof. In this way, through the modelling of lighting and materials to improve the cooperation, a warm atmosphere, full of interesting food area scene will be displayed in front. Cupboard height and width do not have a certain size, mainly with the overall ratio of space coordination can be.Dinning Hall Furniture