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The Design Reference Element Of Dinning Hall Furniture
Sep 21, 2017

      Restaurant Decoration style choice: In the restaurant decoration style choice, we should take into account and home style integrity, but also consider how to make the restaurant warm and increase appetite, if it is a separate restaurant space, you can choose according to their preferences to decorate style.Dinning Hall Furniture

      The first thing we should consider is the color selection of the dining room space and consider how to match the table so that its color has some coordination. Usually the color of the restaurant is suitable for the use of warm, such as yellow, orange and other colors will appear warm and can stimulate people's appetite. We can also according to their preferences to carry out color matching choice, to create their own ideal personality restaurant.Dinning Hall Furniture

      The choice of restaurant decorations: Table cloth and curtains and other fabric jewelry, nine is home network recommendations as far as possible to choose a dirty and easy to clean fabric. If the restaurant is narrower, you can put a large mirror on the wall. In addition, the restaurant background on the wall of decorative painting to be based on the overall selection, the best design is warm and refreshing theme.Dinning Hall Furniture

     Restaurant decoration to pay attention to practicality: restaurant decoration not only to consider its visual effects, but also to consider the practicality of the restaurant. Not only good-looking, more practical, more connotation. Therefore, the configuration of some of the style in line with the theme of the practical furniture, will increase the level of the entire restaurant. Dinning Hall Furniture

     Restaurant decoration Considerations The first thing to consider is the location of the restaurant, if your own restaurant and kitchen or living room connected together, the focus is not the same. If the restaurant is connected to the kitchen, then the place may not be very well-off, at this time, the table and chairs to consider the size of the space, table and chairs and dining room in proportion to the space, if large space put small table chairs, will show the owner of the small, the same small space if placed large tables and chairs, will show a more crowded space, Give people uncomfortable feelings.Dinning Hall Furniture