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The Furniture Of University Library
Aug 06, 2017

                This article takes the university library furniture as the research object, collects the domestic and foreign university library furniture material, analyzes the humanity idea in the library furniture design connotation, takes the university Library user as the survey object, based on the extension of library function and the change of management mode, the author puts the human factors in the first place, and captures the inner spiritual needs of the users of the library, including emotional factors, spiritual demands and cultural connotations, and studies the psychology, physiology, behavior and culture of the users. To understand the current needs and potential demands of readers and librarians on the functions of library furniture, this paper explores the application of humanistic thought in the library furniture design from psychology, ergonomics and aesthetics.Library Furniture

                To the collection of furniture, reading furniture, office furniture as an example of classification to elaborate furniture modeling, the application of color, group and other elements in the humanized design of library furniture, introduces the latest theory of furniture industry at home and abroad to the field of library furniture design, understands the latest progress of furniture industry, predicts the future trend of humanization development of library furniture, and studies the humanized design of library furniture.Library Furniture

               Furniture disposition is one of the important components of university library construction, based on the realistic situation of the matching of the furniture of the university library, the paper analyzes the problems existing in the selection of the furniture of the university library, and establishes the basic principle of the furniture matching, and puts forward some key problems to be paid attention to in the future of the university library's furniture matching.Library Furniture