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The History Of School Furniture
Jun 28, 2017

    Furniture refers to the maintenance of a normal life, engaged in production practices and the development of social activities are essential facilities for large categories. Furniture also follow the footsteps of the Times continue to develop innovation, to now a wide range of materials, different varieties, the use of a variety of. is an important foundation for building working and living space.
Furniture is composed of material, structure, appearance and function four kinds of factors, in which the function is the forerunner, is the impetus of the development of furniture, the structure is the backbone, is the foundation of realizing function. These four kinds of factors are interrelated and restrict each other. Because furniture is designed and produced to meet the needs of people and the purpose of the use of materials, furniture also has the material and appearance of the form of factors.School Furniture
   Furniture is not only material products, but also artistic creation, this is what people often say furniture double characteristics. The type, quantity, function, form, style and production level of the furniture, as well as the occupation situation at that time, also reflected the social life way of a country and region in a certain historical period, the level of the Society material civilization and the historical cultural characteristic. Furniture is a country or region in a certain historical period of the development of social productivity mark, is a microcosm of a certain way of life, is a kind of cultural form of manifestation, so the furniture condensed rich and profound sociality. Some of the so-called solid wood furniture materials are MDF, particleboard external stickers walnut skin or other wooden skin, is not pure natural wood.School Furniture
   China's ancient furniture mainly has seats, beds, screens, mirror, tables, chairs, cabinets and so on. Mats, the oldest and most primitive furniture, were first woven from leaves, which were later mostly made of reeds and bamboo. The ancients often "sit on the mat", it shows that the application of mats is very extensive. Bed, was the first appearance of the mat after the furniture. At first, the bed was very short, the ancients read, write, eat, sleep almost all in bed. "Peacock South-East Fly": "Ah mother to smell, hammer bed is furious." "The Bed" in the poem refers to seats. And this kind of short bed with the furniture has a few, case, screen and so on. There is also a couch often used with the bed, so there is "beds" of the said. After the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the bed height is similar to today's bed, and becomes the furniture for sleeping. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, the high type furniture widespread popularization, has the bed, the table, the chair, the stool, the high several, the long case, the Ark, the hanger, the towel frame, the screen, the trough frame, the mirror and so on, the variety, the range. All dynasties of furniture, all pay attention to the process, and strive to design rich, exquisite carving, showing a strong Chinese traditional style, has become a part of our traditional culture.School Furniture