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The Personal Taste Of The Dinning Hall Furniture
Oct 09, 2017

The ideal restaurant is not only comfortable, beautiful, but also need to be able to adapt to a variety of activities, as a place to eat dinner, held a formal dinner, there are other party parties. These can be a choice from a table to start: a 2.4 meters long table for 6-8 people, 1.8 meters round table can take 4-6 people, and a 1 meter square table is best for 2-4 people dining.Dinning Hall Furniture

According to the owner's taste and the whole room pattern, the restaurant in the style and layout may be very different, but in the decoration design and post-accessories on the success factors are the same, is to let the owner and the people feel warm and comfortable The As a purpose, from the purchase of high quality, both beautiful and practical restaurant furniture began: the traditional style of the dining table and dining chairs, a daily storage of the sideboard or wine cabinet, plus a fine workmanship carpet, a Chic candlestick, and then some tableware to increase the owner's personality.Dinning Hall Furniture

Table, comfortable chairs, soft lights, and then add some creative little jewelry, every meal will become worth sharing with others. For the color of the restaurant furniture, the best colors are brown, brown, beige, etc., these colors can make people calm down, and can increase the appetite when eating. Other colors such as gray, purple and other colors of furniture, should be avoided in the restaurant, will affect the meal.Dinning Hall Furniture

The choice of the table according to the size of the restaurant to match, but also take into account the style of home and restaurant decoration style of the whole, so we have to adjust the restaurant before the decoration of the size of the restaurant and their favorite table size, and then The size of their favorite table to get the market to compare.Dinning Hall Furniture