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The Special Properties Of The School Furniture
Oct 23, 2017

Among all laboratory furniture categories, school laboratory furniture is the most special category, especially in the use of its object specificity. For different age groups of students, the size and style of laboratory furniture is not fixed, the university laboratory equipment manufacturers in the design is also very different, so customization is the best choice.School Furniture

For some colleges and universities of the laboratory, the fume hood is the most common. As the institutions used in colleges and universities require higher, more professional, such as radioactive isotope research or perchloric acid experimental research, need a dedicated fume hood, so find manufacturers more reliable. In addition there are school drug cabinets, containers counters, high temperature Taiwan, etc., these are more or less can require manufacturers to provide customized design.School Furniture

Experimental tables and chairs is the most common school laboratory furniture, although the overall experimental classroom tables and chairs of the functional structure is simple, but there are still many places can be customized according to their own ideas, such as color selection, and experimental table functional structure design, These can add some of their own ideas. It depends on how the school designer's idea, but also to find the strength of the university laboratory equipment manufacturers.School Furniture

Aluminum wood material structure, pp material structure. The use of ordinary furniture, the basic are tables and chairs, sofa and the like home appliances, the scope of application in the family, office. Ordinary furniture of the material, the concept of popular wood products, of course, there are stainless steel, iron and other materials. Laboratory furniture and general furniture products are also different, laboratory furniture products include the laboratory required for the experimental central station, fume hood, lockers, containers counters, reagent cabinets, day platforms and so on. The ordinary furniture, mainly for the daily necessities of the family needs, tables and chairs, bed, of course, including the office need some of the objects. The biggest feature between the two is: laboratory furniture because of the particularity of the experiment, must have anti-acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant effect, and ordinary furniture is rarely with such characteristics.School Furniture