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What Are The Methods Of Chair Maintenance?
Jul 29, 2017

What are the methods of chair maintenance?

1, avoid will be filled with hot water or hot soup cups, the tableware directly placed on the table, but with the coasters or insulation pad and desktop apart.


Table (4)

2, as a result of a long set of heat exchanger on the desktop, leaving a white ring marks, available at this time with cotton to wipe down the white camphor oil, scale traces as a circle in general should be easily wipe back and forth, will remove traces.

3, glass table white scale, as long as in white dirty place to some oil stains, and then wipe out with old stockings.

4, wooden tables and chairs can be used in dye color scratches do the complementary action, such as dyes, dried, and then evenly upper light wax.

5, due to the location of the restaurant is usually at the kitchen door, dining tables and chairs so easily contaminated with fumes, users should be diligent to reduce dust wipe, adhesion, easy to clean up after the day.

6, to avoid oil contamination is difficult to remove, can use to protect your chair coverings in love, not be dirty, only need to remove the cover clean, convenient and easy, more not to hurt the chair.

7 marble table and chair surface wear, can be polished, can restore luster.


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